Hey friends,
I have a little problem with my mIRC chat, it is being block by the firewall. All of us here in the office cannot access the mIRC chat system. The scenario is this when I tried to connect different server the message will appear "unable to resolve server" I look into the online help and I found this :
Unable to resolve IRC Server
If you try to connect to a server and see this message, the problem could be:

Your Internet Provider's DNS isn't working
This happens occasionally and is a temporary problem with your Internet Provider. This problem would also result in your being unable to connect to other internet services such as web sites. You should try again later.

An Invalid or Non-working IRC Server address
You might be trying to connect to an IRC Server that is currently not working, or perhaps is an old address and doesn't exist anymore. You should try another IRC Server.

I have no problems with my current internet connection and my DNS is work fine. I ask our Administrator and she told us she didn't change any policy in the firewall. How can I solve this problem and make my mIRC connected and online again? I need help on this. By the way Im using mIRC 6.03. and the default port is 6667. In the firewall support option: I used both SERVER & DCC and protocol socks4. Any suggestions and help are very welcome. Thanks in advanced. -- bunkerbuster ---