Well, I don't exactly how, but suddenly there appeared a new local disk on my hard disk drives? It's called z:\ and cannot be opened, not even be explored... It's got a big question mark in front of it.
Please tell me that I don't have to worry about it and that with a simple thing it can be removed...

Does anybody had an idea what it could be?
I kinda have an idea but I hope I'm so wrong about it...


By the way, I checked on virusses... none was found.
I also checked my ports and it seemed that one was found open... Strange because I checked them about a week ago and then they were all fine!

could it have anything to do with the fact I just installed a printer this mourning?
Nahhh, don't think so, but It's piece of information I forgot to mention...
I don't see the connection between installing a printer and suddenly a new local disk called z:\