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Thread: A warning to all

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    A warning to all

    Before I start, don't be disrespectful, this is important to me.

    A student in my year died last night, he was out having a good time because he would soon be done with his exams and then he'd be on holliday....for reasons that I do not know yet, him and one of his mates decided it would be fun to mess about on the rails at the train station, I don't know what happend, but his mate made it out of the way, he didn't.....he died the night of the 16th of May......

    Why am I doing this you ask? well, simple...I want to tell every one who reads this not to do stupid things when your drunk....keep in the back of your mind, the fact that your only human, and that your drunk....best of all...don't get drunk, but thats aiming to high......any how, I just had to get that out.....I don't want any AP's for this, green or otherwise.......

    A moment for Mike Badger

    - Noia
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    It seems that this is common around the world...

    Here in my hometown, of only about 5000 people and a small private university...a student died this week because (being drunk) he thought it would be good to hitch a ride with a tractor-trailer truck. Instead of trying to get in the cab, he jumped on the back between the cab and trailer and while trying to get off was run over by the trailer and killed.

    Point of the story: If you're going to have fun because finals are over...stay in the house. For god's sake don't drive a car, or attempt to ride on the back of another one. Just stay home and party if it's that important.

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    I hear ya man, great advice. I also had a friend die a couple of years ago, he and friend were drunk and he let his friend drive, while attempting a pass on the highway they got hit. Ironically the friend who was driving survived.

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    Noia, I'm sorry to hear about your loss.

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    It's good to post reminders like this every once in a while, because it seems that tragedy is the only thing that really seems to wake people up. I feel horrible for your loss, and even more...I work at a nightclub on weekends, with lots of intoxicated people who do a lot of stupid things, and even though I may not like the majority of them because they're not very nice people, I know for a fact that when many of them leave, they are getting behind the wheel to go home or to another party. And eventually, if it's not their life they take, it will be someone elses.

    Thanks for the reminder. Because of this, I will make even more of an effort to make sure people have rides tonight.

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    Sorry for your loss Noia - any loss is painful but when it is as a result of something that is totally avoidable it usually leaves more questions than answers.

    Unfortunately it is a worldwide phenomenum when you mix youth (and not so young), alcohol and bravado - all the good advice in the world tends to go out the window when one's judgement is clouded by drink.

    Stay strong, as I know a moment of misjudgment on your friends part does not reflect the person he was and through his misfortune, hopefully others will take notice - but as you said Noia this is probably aiming too high.

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    I'm sorry for what has happened to you, It is a sad thing when people get hurt when there was a way that they could have avoided it. Hopefully though everyone here in AO probably has the sense to not do go and do something like that. But you never know. It's a great reminder though and someone probably benefitted from this advice. Hope you feel better.
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    sad. Reminds me of classmate who had the unfortunate meeting with death while drinking with buddies. He had been driving a motorcycle. Not a good mix. They are harder to control than cars and need all your attention.


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    I hope ppl who read these stories talk them onbored next time thay are drinking or doing drugs, when trying to hav fun. ppl do some crazy stuff whils under the influence and sadley thay may die..

    A moment for all those you know who have died.

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    Well, if it makes you feel better im sure hes in a better place now.

    Hmm, alcohol is leagal everywhere yet impairs your reaction times. yet no one but the people on TV can find something wrong with narcotics.

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