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    Best Port Scanner for Remote

    Whats the best port scanner out there? I want a good one so I can chck my home LAN for any valnurabilites. I got netscan from www.networkpunk.com , but its to generic.

    please dont tell me to visit a port scanning web site, I want software that lets me do it manually. Thanx

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    Nmap all the way! Get it here--> Nmap

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    he he it is a matter of personal opinion here but I do prefer a couple of apps

    I use NMAP, Superscan (if you can find it), and a nifty little win utility called IP-Tools (available from tucows along with a barrage of other tools).

    NMAP probably offers the most configuration and controllability where superscan is just a nifty quick scanner. IP-tools gives you other add ins like nb name scanners, host ping monitors, ping traces and the like.
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    I use NetScan tools but i forget the site that i got it from. Search on google for it (netscan tools 4.3). I also have the scanner superscan 3.0 from network punk. I would get Netscan tools 4.3 b/c it has alot more than just a scanner. -Twisted-

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    i agree with the majority here...nmap is 'THE' port scanner.
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    You may be interested in trying out LANgaurd too, as it can help identify vulnerabilities and provide links to patches/workarounds.
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    Thumbs up Check this out

    You really should give GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner 3.0 a try you can download it here @ http://download.com.com/3000-2092-10...ml?tag=lst-0-1

    GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner (LNSS) is a freeware tool to audit network security and proactively secure it. LNSS scans entire networks from a 'hacker's' perspective, and analyses machines for open ports, shares, security alerts/vulnerabilities, service pack level, installed hotfixes and other NETBIOS information such as hostname, logged on user name, users etc. It does OS detection, password strength testing and detects registry issues.
    Hope this helps.

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    If your on linux look into getting nessus it's a free vulnerability/exploit scanner
    also comes with a port scanner.www.nessus.org
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    Nessus is great. It uses NMAP as its port scanner too, so you have the options you would find if you were using the port scanner alone. The mail list for Nessus is very helpful -high-volume, but helpful.
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    nmap is great tool, but every ids is updating their signature as new release comes out by fyodor. you should check out insecure.org for the top 75 tools also.


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