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    My favorites are Nmap,Nessus,Amap
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    I don't agree being an XP user I have had nothing but probelms with nmap. I personally would recomend PortScan by Raw Logic. http://www.rawlogic.com

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    okay, I surfed around networkpunk.com for a while - its a mainly Windows oriented website. Therefor there's an important rule you must understand:
    • Don't use NMap on Windows because it sucks big hairy ass.

    Thats all really. I dual boot with Win2kPro. The scanners I use are:

    Those, quite simply put, just own.

    [P.S. - It is just me, or does networkpunk.com hold the same catchy phrase that AO uses? The "Hackers know the weakness to your system. Shouldn't you?"...hrm... odd.]
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    I`d go with NMAP if you have Linux, and Superscan if you have Windows as NMAP on Windows sucks. However, Port Scanners are going show your Ports that are open, which will help you identify some vulnerabilities (i.e. if there are services running that you don`t know about).

    However to identify a larger numver of Vulnerabilities you should run a vulnerability scanner, if you have Linux then get hold of a copy of Nessus, if you have Windows then there are a few free scanning tools out there (Saint, Sara, Leviathan, Pluto, Cerberus-an early version is still free, etc..) and then lots of commerical packages (ISS Internet Scanner, Foundstone Foundscan, EEye Retina, Webtrends Security Analyzer and many more). I`d go with Nessus if you can, unless you want to lay out the cash for one of the scanning tools.
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    <hacking exposed typeover>

    *nix: nmap (www.insecure.org) is great, netcat (www.l0pth.com) to

    win: netcat (www.l0pth.com), lan-guard for the lan's (d'oh, see other post of someone else), wspingpro, ip-tools, just pick one. For a LAN scan I'd go with lan-guard, that programm has some real interesting stuff aboard

    some other nice stuff is nessus and cheops and google
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    i got a very small, simple and fast port scanner for windows it has (i think all the features)
    its name is Angry IP Scanner
    if you cant find it i can post it

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    First off, nMapWin fro insecure.org sucks badly, so don't use it. If you want nMap on windows use eEye's nMapNT, it works correctly.

    Secondly, are you just seeking a port scanner? Or a security scanner, vulnerability scanner, etc? If you are seeking these things for windows, you are in luck.

    eEye's Retina tool is far and away the best scanner of this type, in fact its CHAM technology has made it the only scanner I know of to have actually _discovered_ new exploits and has bugtraq submissions.


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    Yes plz post were i can fiind the angry port scanner and Eeyes NmapNT. I would appreciate it guys

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    nmap 3.28 came out.....( sorry bout the pointless post....just wanted to post somethin....)
    ohh I'm using FreeBSD and have nmap installed (3.27)....if I want to upgrade it do I have to first delete version 3.27??? or can I just install nmap and it will automatically update it self?? I dont know how it all works.....
    FreeBSD, the best OS out there.......not to mention the most stable also.......

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