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Thread: How to connect from a remote computer

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    How to connect from a remote computer

    Hi I hope I'm doing this right, I just connected my 2 computers with a crossover cable(with a tcp/ip) .

    I would like to know if there is a way to surf the web with my laptop ( which is not connected to my DSL running W/98) from my desktop (which is connected to my DSL running W/ME) while they're networked together ??

    Thank you

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    Ok so basically you want to share your internet connection? There should be an internet connection sharing protocol on Windows 98 and ME.

    Here are some links that may help.

    Link 1

    Link 2

    Link 3

    I personally have a shared connection between two computers, but I did it without creating a network between the two computers. So instead of connecting to the other computer I connect to a router, it was fairly simple to share the connection, good luck.


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    This should have been posted in How Do I? or What Is? or in the Newbie Security forum. This is a question, not a Tutorial, so it should not be posted in Tutorials.

    That said, the advice from ScotchGuy should get you going in the right direction.

    Essentially as long as your WinMe box has 2 NIC cards you use 1 to connect to the DSL / Internet and the other to share that connection with other computers.

    ICS is fairly simple to setup. Once completed your box connected on the crossover cable (or any and all boxes you connect via a hub or switch) need to be setup to automatically pull their IP info from DHCP. ICS will automatically assign IP addresses using an internal, non-routable IP range (typically 192.168.1.x) and set itself up as the default gateway.

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    **Thread moved from Tutorials to General Chit Chat**

    Tony, just for clarification, it doesn't belong in Antionline: How do I? That forum is for questions about how do things on Antionline like move a thread, delete a thread, assign antipoints, etc. And Newbie Security is more for questions about security. This would merely be a question about networking.

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