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Thread: FIREWALL & Anti Virus For PDA

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    FIREWALL & Anti Virus For PDA

    I just bought a Pocket PC PDA. I intend to buy a WiFi card so that I could surf the Internet at cafe. I need to know whether there are any free firewall like Zone Alarm available for download. Also, Anti Virus softwares. Do I need Norton AntiVirus or McAffee installed in my PDA?

    Am I protected if I surf the Internet with my PDA without firewall? I know this is a silly question but I have to admit that I am an ignorant when it comes to network security. I mean are PDA targets for hacking?

    Thanks for answering my questions.

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    not trying to be a ***** but this realy should be posted in a diffrent forum. I dont realy know all that much about pda firewalls but you should only need an antivirus if you are planning on downloading stuff onto it from the net. Sounds like a dumb answer but if you think about it : What are yoiu going to be doing with it? just surfing webpages.... dont worry about av. Actualy downloading and running programs from the net ... yea you'd better have av. I have no clue about the firewall situation though. Hope you find the answers your looking for

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    heh, better to admit that you don't know something than to just go without.

    yes, i have seen antivirus for PDA's. Not quite sure where, though.

    check out
    for pda security stuff.

    www.pgp.com for pda encryption stuff.

    as far as i have heard, there aren't too many viruses for pda's (in comparison to ms windows) but, better to be safe than sorry. if anything, keep your important files encrypted, blocked, or whatever you have to do.

    and as far as the "target" questions goes, yes. Anything that can plug into a phone line or the internet by some means is a target for hacking (ATM Machines. etc.)
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    Trend Micro makes an antivirus software for FREE at http://www.trendmicro.com/en/product...e/overview.htm

    Anything else you need go here http://www.ppc4all.com/

    I think they have firewalls etc... there.

    Edit: I found one combination firewall/antivirus but I have never used it
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