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Thread: this is me spamming!

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    this is me spamming!

    ok, sorry if this seems like im spaming or anything, but i realy need to know and i havent got any replys so far, so here i go at the risk of getting blocked...

    in the interest of helping people choose the right protection for their systems in your oppinion what is the best anti-virus or firewall software and why
    out of:
    spy-bot search and destroy
    and anything i haven't mentioned here

    hopefully this will help people choose an good anti-virus solution...

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    for AV i prefer H+BEDV AntiVir PE...this is a realy good AV it is easy to konfigure and free for personal use

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    i've always liked pc-cillin, its got like live virus scans and can check files for suspicious code not just check the code to a pre-defined list like everything else, so i dont know why it's not the best but hey thats just my opinion

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    I agree with stink, I think pc-cillin is the best

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    Ugh this is covered so much times.... do a search please...

    btw why didn't you add a poll ?

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    Okay for starters spybot and adaware are not virus scanners. Personaly i use norton anti virus and zone alarm pro. Now that thats said. If you know its a commonly asked question try seaching the forums

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    I use McAfee coz it updates it's self...and Outlook Firewall coz it's simple yet very powerfull and free

    As for Spybot and Adaware....I think Spybot is bordering on being an AV since it removed Dialers and Hijacks which often behave in similar manner as Viruses, though technicaly not viruses but still.....also...Ad-aware can't hold a candle to Spybot. :P

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