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Thread: The Bastard system Admin from Michingan's victims

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    The Bastard system Admin from Michingan's victims

    Well here it goes. Ill give it a try. Iíve pretty well decided that gore needs some counseling and maybe a few of you others out there. MUAHAHAHAH. I know I do. This one isnít going to be to directly related to gores story but it WILL feature some parts of it. Iím just an outsider looking in this time.

    8:00 Am. Well it looks like getting rid of gore just isnít going to happen. I donít know why the boss likes him so much. From what that guy in sales told me gore has no idea what in the hell heís doing. He said all gore has going for him is a piece of paper. Well that figures.

    8:30 Am. Okay now this is ridiculous. My computer is acting really weird. I keep getting this blue screen with a cryptic error message on it. I called gore and all he said was ď****ing Microsoft. Youíre just going to have to reboot. Iím busy and I might check back with you later if I get time. ďWhat the hell did he mean by ďif your terminal used NIX you wouldnít get the BSODĒ? Well I call mike ( my buddy in sales) And he says heís really busy dealing with the paper waving fake ass system admin. Oh well that would explain it. Maybe mike will set gore straight on how things should be done.

    10:45 Am. Okay I just met the new assistant admin. Basically gores little helper.
    Seems like a nice enough guy. I donít know who he pissed off to get stuck with that *****. I cannot figure out why these damned computer nerds have these strange names. The new guys name is Aeallison. Whatever.

    1:05 Pm. I wonder if gore knows how bad he screwed up. He just sent a letter to aellison saying that he is gay and stuff but was writing it like he was aellisonís kid. Damn that guy has issues. The least he could have done was remember not to do that from his own e-mail account. He must be getting tired.

    3:00 Pm. Well gore never did get back to me about my problems so I tracked down aellison. He said to go to the industrial supply warehouse and get the biggest magnet I could find. Bring it to work and put on top of the case to my computer. That would re-align the energies for my system and everything would be better. He's such a nice guy.

    Well guys its not much but i tried. lemme know what u think. By the way. I was going to cut and paste all the original Bastard stories from gore into a single file and the convert it to .pdf for posterity sake. i did a search and i could only get as far back as number 4. Gore do you still have 1 2 and 3? if so lemme know.

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    i started a trend! =o


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