I have been useing a Web Server package called KeyFocus Web Server. As I am by no means a expert on any type of server I would like to share my thoughts and opinions on the product from a newbie standpoint.

From a newbie standpoint I rate KeyFocus 10/10.
Will try to sumerize.

Edit: The site address for KeyFocus is www.keyfocus.net Note the extension .net as keyfocus.com is owned by someone else.

Tryed a few web servers other then KeyFocus, namely Apache for windows and one called Omni httpd. In my opinion KeyFocus is very much newbie friendly and has also advanced features for those more experinced.

KeyFocus does not require you to edit a config file, though you can. This is all controlled from your admin acount web page. By default this is running on port 9727 and limited by default to access only by localhost. Initialy your admin password is not set so as soon as you access your admin page it will ask you to set a password.

The server sits on your task bar in the system tray, it will start flashing when the server is servering a request which I think is a nice feature. Haveing Windows 98 Some software cause resource leaks, I have not noticed that with KeyFocus, it runs smothly.

From a security standpoint I am impresed at the companys focus on security. There are many new and built in security features that have been added and improved. Restricted character set alowed in a GET request. Limit amount of maximum simultanious conections. Protection against brute force and birthday atacks. The Sin Bin and Banish Bin for temporary an permanent banning of clients who make excessive or malicious type requests.

It suports CGI, PHP and ASP but does not suport SSI. The FAQ and suport page on keyfocus home page offer directions on how to set these up. An intersting and unique feature is that KeyFocus developed their own lanage called kfl language, and though they have yet to write documentation on the language the sorce code can be downloaded and is actauly easy to learn from.
Trying to keep this product review as short as possible, But overall I give this a thumbs up and recomend it for anyone new to servers who would like to know how to run their own web site from home.

Notew: That I have noticed some ISPs have running your own server against the AUP. Check first.