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Thread: About proper internet slang

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    About proper internet slang

    www.geocities.com/jaxxpaper/index.txt First off dont scream at me i know i am suppose to write tutorials here but this is a tutorial i was just wandering......
    1. If i am using the proper termonology.
    2. If it is acceptable for this thread as just the tutorial.
    3. If you liked it.
    before i post it as my official link on a site that wants a veiw on these terms.
    If you liked it or didnt like it please add antipoints or take away antipoints (as long a

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    Your security section on that paper could use alot of editing, you might just want to take it all out. Overall, i've seen better, most of the stuff seems to be based on opinion rather than fact.
    It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious. - Murphy

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    is merely a manifesto
    Hey jaxxofdeath I think your manifesto is missing the definition of a cracker. Your tutorial is based on your opionion of, defining of "hackers,".

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