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Thread: Web hosting question

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    Web hosting question

    i would like to create a website. once i register it, i would like to host the site off of my own dedicated computer instead of relying on a web hosting service... so how do u set up the name servers etc. to point to my computer? do i need to contact my ISP? im pretty clueless. pls help.
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    First you need to contact your ISP and purchase a static IP address. You would then point your domain to the site using that information.

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    well there are some good thing which can be used if u dont have a static ip address.
    well as ur online u will point to ur computer when ur offline u will point to an website somewhere else.
    well check out www.dns2go.com and dynamic dns search on google
    and also visit www.dtdns.com
    wel that all

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    After You get your Static IP you will need to get a webserver program like Apache. IBM makes a good one as well... JHollings

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    Don't forget the DNS servers......
    If your ISP is real nice they will do it for you.....
    You could set up your own as well.... and find
    someone who would be a secondary DNS!!

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    For some ISP's they don't allow servers. I wouldn't recommend using IIS from home or putting apache on an win system.

    If you don't have linux or know how to do it you're better off buying hosting as iis is very very very exploitable.. and you don't want that on a static IP and on your hom box.

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    Ya definitely stay away from IIS....as Juxtaman said it was very exploitable and it isnt worth it. As for running Apache I personally dont think it runs too bad on windows but it does run better on linux. If you run a server off your computer that means in order for the people to see it your computer must always be online. If you have dial up it probably wont work out. If you have cable you will have a static IP and as long as your computer is on so will your server.

    It can be kind of difficult if it is your first time using apache....

    Your best bet is to pay for a webhosting service. Running a server isnt very safe and is also a pain if you have dial up....

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    After you've got a static ip address. You may want to take a look at www.zoneedit.com , they provide free dns hosting for up to five domains. If you need a webhost. Come check me out.

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