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Thread: An Old Feature I'd Like to See Back

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    An Old Feature I'd Like to See Back

    Remember senior members, or at least members that have been around since at least last summer, how whenever you clicked "assign postive or negative antipoints to this user" and it was your post, it showed you the antipoints you were assigned by other users right then and there? Well, i liked this feature and id like to see it back.. who else wants it back?

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    This feature was vulnerable to people modifying the URL to point to someone else's post and showing you the assignments that were made to their post. It was fixed ages ago but then for some reason the (vulnerable) feature was implemented again, and subsequently removed when the bug within it was brought up again. I imagine they couldn't be bothered fixing it up, although it could hardly be that difficult to repair. It would be a useful feature if implemented properly.

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    I've never seen it but anyway i like the idea...
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    I liked the feature personally. It was useful, however if it's vulnerable to misuse, and too much effort, it's not really worth it.

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    My opinion is; I go with GreekGoddess why because if you Neg someone all there going to do is Neg you back over and over. Well I was thinking what about just the "newbies" show there name and JR Member, member,etx, etx don't, Because newbies don't really understead the antipoints system or they Neg someone for fun, (But some/most do understead it). If someone has been on AO for a long time "E.x GreekGoddess" knows how to judge that persons post. Well that was my opinion.
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    100% for yes ... must be a good feature ...but they should fix the vulnerable part ....

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    I noticed that this was missing today, the error message could at least be changed (at the moment it says 'The Antipoint system has been disabled', which makes it sound as if you can't do *anything* with antipoints).

    I would like the feature back, as it was quite useful, and it really shouldn't be that difficult to stop people looking at other people's assignments, any more than it is difficult to stop people editing other people's posts.
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    honestly, did the admins even look at this thread? its apparent that:

    [a] it cant hurt much, and if it can its easily fixable


    [b] almost everyone that is a member at AO wants it back

    /me doesnt see the problem with just re-implementing it and coding a bit of security into it.

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