Hello every one this is my first post and of course i am a newbie to this....

Well here is my BIG INSTALLATION MESS, let me explain:

1st) my platform is WinXP and i wanted to install Red Hat as my second OS i've heard so
much about linux that i wanted to give it a try...so i bought a copy of RH 8.0 at
amazon.com for the price of $9.99 after a $20 rebate.

2nd) i did all the basics of reading the material and i assumed (dumb *ss of course) it was
going to be a walk in the park...i tried downloading partition magic as shareware to
partition my hd but at one point the download stopped, tried many times and never was
able to finish download...so i gave it up!

3rd) in the installation book it gives you a small guide in how to partition with Disk Druid &
FDISK which i dont know how to use...so i tried Dist Druid since i looked simple.

4th) i started the installation from cd-rom and so far so good until i reach the DISK SETUP
AND after that it was a total mess for me.....some how in the installation i told linux to do
and automatic partition for me and erased my WINXP because at the disk set up i had
all my available disk space...at the moment i realized that i had lost my WINXP from my
box and HERE it goes guys...I DID NOT BACK UP MY FILES i felt like the biggest and
most qualified to earn the DUMB *SS AWARD OF THE DAY! That is the first thing to do and
i did not follow up on that!

5th) now i want to reinstall win xp on by box but how am i going to partition my hd I NEED
YOUR HELP....in how to creat my dual boot!

A) should i reinstall my win xp and after that install RH or since i have RH just
reinstall my win xp? which one goes first?

B) and once i have have both running which ISP supports RH to surf the web?
and where do i get my modem driver? i have a winmodem!

C) can some guide me how to partition with disk druid your help will be greatly
appreciated, thank you! email me pls!