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    Hi i am kind of new here so i just had a problem and need some help,
    my question is the following: ok so the problem is that every time i am in a web page
    and will like to save a pic or photo when i click the right button to save the pic,
    at the very bottom of the list, like it saids save has and all that well at the bottom
    it appears some kind of link to certain pages and its kind of anoying so if anyone
    could tell me how to erase them it would be great plase help i am very confuse
    it looks like this >>movies<< and its a link and i dont know how to erase it, it appears at the bottom of the list when you press the right click.

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    Are you talking about the history? I'm a bit confused. Also, I would move this thread, AntiOnline: How Do I? Or What Is? Is for questions about this specific webpage, make sure you always post in the correct forum...
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    I think we could help you alot more if you first took a trip HERE and re typed your question.

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    Sounds like you have something installed, program or spyware that has embedded itself on your right click menu. Try running a program like Adaware and see if that stops the problem. If not, check to see if you have any programs running that shouldn't be, or check your add/remove programs to see if there's anything on there that you know shouldn't be there.

    If all else fails, there are several right-click menu editors that you can manually remove it, but I would try the options above first.

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    Hrm... also be a be more descriptive with the thread title, and find out what problem you are having before you start asking random questions... for some reason your question just isn't clicking for me.

    edit >> oo lala gg has a domain now

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