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Thread: Must have tools

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    Must have tools

    Hopefully this thread will become a great resource built by the members of the community. I propose that each contributor post a link or three to utilities that you have found to be very useful. Please try to list at least ONE pure security utility if you can. It doesn't matter if it's for Windows, *nix, or Mac....lets not be OS specific so we can try to help as many people as possible. So here goes....

    Outpost is possibly one of the best free software firewalls out there, although I'm sure we will see many other options appear in subsequent posts.

    Total Commander is a file manager that is so awesome it will make you want to reach insde your hard drive and rip windows explorer out and toss it in the trash. It has built in compression utilities as well as FTP capabilities....I refuse to own a box without it.

    X-Setup is a FANTASTIC tweaking tool for ALL versions of windows. As I told Deb in IRC, you can make Windows dance and jump thru hoops with this tweaking tool.

    Mailwasher has kept 99% of the SPAM out of my inbox. I am eternally indebted to my buddy Paul for turning me on to this one.

    I could probably list quite a few more, but 4 is enough for now. If you try any of the above, I hope you find them as useful as I have.

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    For network administrators or other security personnel

    Nmap - invaluable port scanner

    Ethereal - debug those annoying network problems

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    freshmeat.net is always good,
    packetstormsecurity.org keeps good databases
    zone-h.org has great security resources
    securityfocus.org has a great setup
    securinetworks.com has great service and prices

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    I will assume tools to find tools count -- http://www.alltheweb.com/advanced?c=ftp http://www.pcdigest.net/cgi-perl/m/4...y=ftp&qry_str= <---anything ever written or made can be found on an ftp site somewhere on this planet http://teoma.com/

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    well there is always hping2 jtr (john the ripper) proxychains and netcat

    www.openwall.com/john/ <-- jtr
    http://www.atstake.com/research/tool...ork_utilities/ NetCat
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    http://www.winguides.com/registry/display.php/629/ This registry tweak prevents anyone logging onto your computer.
    http://www.simtel.net/pub/win95/security/ (maus trap) The programme locks the keyboard, brilliant for if one has to leave the computer unattended.

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    Here's my "one" cent...


    ...and then look under the security section if you want.



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    Cool thead allenb1963, good idea,

    Here I go...

    Tools... (mainly associated with testing your network security, passwords etc...)

    http://www.thc.org/index.php <-- no one mentioned this one yet but it is really good. Has a myriad of programs to test your systems and is worth a browse.

    http://www.astalavista.com/tools/ <-- this site is also good, it has a wide variety of tools for ya here, some are a little out of date, but still worth a browse.

    http://www.users.on.net/johnson/resourcehacker/ <-- an excellent tool that enables you to reach into your windows system and tweak every last thing to your please. Just make sure you know what your doing.

    http://www.net-integration.net/spybot/spybotsd.html <-- This is a nifty tool that gets rid of all that spyware that may be on your CPU, another fine one. Just make sure you know what your doing (again).

    http://www.rocketdownload.com/Details/Inte/4835.htm <-- Sam Spade can be found here and is a nifty network query tool that, in my trials, has been awesome.


    Reading... (Well... I had to be different, besides, a little reading never hurts eh?)

    http://www.textfiles.com/hacking/ <-- this is a great resourse for some reading on just about everything, have fun with these articles.

    http://www.linuxcommand.org/index.html <-- an excellent site for linux reading.

    http://rute.2038bug.com/index.html.gz <-- awesome for all skill levels of linux, this one really takes you through!

    There I'm done lol I hope this is a good contribution, excellent idea again, and as I browse all the other links previously given I feel good about being here and now I will begin to check them out !

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    anyone mention ettercap - http://ettercap.sourceforge.net



    as well as linux.org/apps

    i also enjoy webmin, usermin, (webserver tools)

    long walks on the beach, nmap and lots of coca-cola.

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    http://osiris.shmoo.com/ - Awesome free data integrity checker (like a free Tripwire) for Linux

    http://www.heatscanner.com/ - No one said it had to be free, but the best Vuln scanner out there (OK, I may be a bit biased towards this one) We use this at least once a day.

    http://www.gfi.com/lannetscan/ - Not sure if this was mentioned, but a GREAT free tool if your not using Nessus already.

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