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    Must have tools

    Hopefully this thread will become a great resource built by the members of the community. I propose that each contributor post a link or three to utilities that you have found to be very useful. Please try to list at least ONE pure security utility if you can. It doesn't matter if it's for Windows, *nix, or Mac....lets not be OS specific so we can try to help as many people as possible. So here goes....

    Outpost is possibly one of the best free software firewalls out there, although I'm sure we will see many other options appear in subsequent posts.

    Total Commander is a file manager that is so awesome it will make you want to reach insde your hard drive and rip windows explorer out and toss it in the trash. It has built in compression utilities as well as FTP capabilities....I refuse to own a box without it.

    X-Setup is a FANTASTIC tweaking tool for ALL versions of windows. As I told Deb in IRC, you can make Windows dance and jump thru hoops with this tweaking tool.

    Mailwasher has kept 99% of the SPAM out of my inbox. I am eternally indebted to my buddy Paul for turning me on to this one.

    I could probably list quite a few more, but 4 is enough for now. If you try any of the above, I hope you find them as useful as I have.

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    what do you think about zone alarm firewall?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xtreme164 View Post
    what do you think about zone alarm firewall?
    #1. This thread is really old. Replying to a thread THIS old, is not a great idea.

    #2. Asking a question like that, you could easily start your own thread. This one is old as piss, so the fact that most of the people who were in it aren't even here anymore, isn't going to get an answer any quicker. That's why you just start a new thread asking it.

    #3. Zone alarm sucks.

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    Hey Gore. Besides being "Spot On" You could have just pasted this link...


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    Could we just get a *Thread Closed* prease?

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    Yeah, he screwed up posting to this thread... but negging him isn't the answer... we don't want to ban him just because he doesn't know proper forum etiquette. He only has three posts. At least he isn't asking how to hack. :-P
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    Wasn't me. Haven't thrown any red peas for ages.

    I'd be guessing Gore took aim and let of a shot.

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    Thread closed.

    If you want to post about this topic please start a new 2011 thread............

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