I believe allenb1963's point was more to list actual tools rather than sites and resources that contain those tools, but I have seen many web site links posted here so I thought I would share this.

I have found WebAttack.com to be extremely useful in tracking down tools. Many of the tools mentioned on this thread and other threads on AO can be found and downloaded from here. Here is a listing of the categories from the Security/Privacy Freeware:

Freeware: Security-Privacy


PC Access Control
Restrict PC and Internet usage…

Anti-Virus Tools
Virus protection is a "must have" when you are using the Internet.

Security Tools
A variety of security related internet tools...

Internet Cleanup Tools
Clean your browser cache, surfing history, recently used documents, cookies, stored passwords and much more...

File Encryption Tools
These tools can be used to encrypt email messages or files on your computer.

Personal Firewalls
Protect your computer from intruders. Personal firealls allow you to regulate incoming and outgoing TCP/IP (Internet) traffic on your computer.

Password Manager
Manage and store your passwords, generate random passwords and more.

Secure File Deletion
Digital File Shredders - Permanently delete files beyond recovery...

Anti-Virus (Specialized)
Anti-Virus tools, specialized for individual viruses, trojans or worms. These tools are usually released quickly after a new, fast spreading virus is discovered.

PC Activity Monitoring
These tools allow you to keep track of what; s happening on your computer. They can usually (secretely) log keystrokes, program usage and more…

Password Recovery Tools
Recover lost or masked passwords from Windows applications…

Cookie Management
Cookies are an important part of the Internet. They allow you to take advantage of web site customization features, automate logins and more. They are also an essential tool for user verification and required by most password protected sites. Cookies can
WebAttack.com has Freeware and Shareware galore and it is all nicely categorized for easy searching and ranked so you can find the best tools faster.

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