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Thread: Must have tools

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    you need tools??? then check this site-> http://neworder.box.sk/ here is the all tools that you may ever need.
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    hi to all!

    here's my list (windows list is larger because i manage quite well with the apps that come with almost any linux distro-i take slack)

    windows: crimson editor (excellent-must have)
    runfast (command line that supports aliases!)
    powerdesk (superb file manager)
    dev c++
    virtuawin (virtual desktops)
    ykill (process manager)
    tiny personal firewall (quite good!)
    ultimate zip (excellent!)
    scriptrap (very nice app!)

    linux: the classics! :-) (emacs, mc, links, lftp, gcc, etc.) and jed (a great editor)

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    out the closet

    some great sites for invaluable programs and tons of information.


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    this sites are the very best, with tons of cool info and interesnting apps. i especially recommend fyodor's -> exploit world.

    1- www.hackers.com
    2- www.insecure.org


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    This post is for those who want to remove data, BC Wipe is a great tool. Free too.
    .:coming soon:.

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    here's my 2 cent. I've posted this link in quite a few other threads but here it goes:

    the name of the tool is called "Advanced Administrative Tools" and its a must have for any sys admin or anybody in general. At the website you can download a 45 day evaluation and u can purchase it if you like it. It has a crapload of utilities u can use. ALthough some of those utilities u can get for free off the net, i think this is a very useful program to have. In the website you can also find a HUGE list of trojan horses and what they infect. You cant download them of course but you can get information about them and maybe you can protect yourself. "KNOW YOUR ENEMY".


    BTW. GREAT POST MAN, This will come in very handy.

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    you like fast and dirty c, c++ compiling: try 'motor'. really excellent and fast app (*nix).
    want to protect yourself: firestorm.
    and of course fyodor's nmap, great tool.

    i know i should have put all these apps in one post, forgive me for that. :-) (last time!)

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    Lightbulb Tools of the trade

    Hey guys! I had a really good idea to help the noobs out. Why not start a thread with links to all the really cool tools that we all use to secure our systems? So here it is, my (not so definitive) must have tool guide.

    I'd appreciate it if you all would help me out with this, so it can be used as a reference for the noobs that are looking for security tools. Here are the requirements for the posts:

    1.) Tool must be freely available, and free for personal use.
    2.) When posting info on tools, please include the Operating System in the title of the post, such as "Windows IDS Tools", or "Linux Firewall Tools"

    With that, here's a rundown of my picks for Windows Tools:


    Grisoft AVG Anti-Virus FREE Edition
    H+BEDV AntiVir Personal Edition
    Alwil Avast! 4 Home Edition


    ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm
    Agnitum Outpost Firewall Free
    Sygate Personal Firewall

    Intrusion Protection (note- most modern firewalls include some form of IDS)

    Securepoint Nuzzler IDS
    IPTrace 4


    Lavasoft Ad-Aware Personal
    Spybot Search and Destroy
    Hijack This! and other tools by Merijn
    DiamondCS RegistryProt (thanks, nihil )
    Guard IE (IE Browser Only)

    Alright, everyone....time to pick up my slack!
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    Good idea. I would suggest the following site


    This is a very good selection of tools and they are all freeware. The names of the authors speak for themseleves.

    The only problem is to thread has to be always visable to newbies (like me).

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