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    Could we just get a *Thread Closed* prease?
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    Yeah, he screwed up posting to this thread... but negging him isn't the answer... we don't want to ban him just because he doesn't know proper forum etiquette. He only has three posts. At least he isn't asking how to hack. :-P
    \"Those of us that had been up all night were in no mood for coffee and donuts, we wanted strong drink.\"

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    Wasn't me. Haven't thrown any red peas for ages.

    I'd be guessing Gore took aim and let of a shot.
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    Thread closed.

    If you want to post about this topic please start a new 2011 thread............
    If you cannot do someone any good: don't do them any harm....
    As long as you did this to one of these, the least of my little did it unto Me.
    What profiteth a man if he gains the entire World at the expense of his immortal soul?
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