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Thread: Netbios vulnerability

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    Netbios vulnerability

    I found some IP Addresses using a port scanner that are WIDE OPEN (Netbios ports are open). I know there is a way to map drives to these addresses using the IPC$ vulnerability but I can't find a good site that describes exactly how to do it. Can someone please tell me the best way to gain Administrator access to these servers?

    Here are the Address ranges that I found. A lot of these are public web servers too... I should be able to change the index.html file and change the web sites.. right? www.crazyspeed.com www.americas.org www.rottlundhomes.com www.econferencecall.net www.jetselectric.com www.minnesota.com www.cptitle.com datarecongnition.com, www.drc-mn.com, www.drc-instantaccess.com www.mcgough.com www.rslitho.com

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    You've got to be kidding....What could you possibly need administrator access for?
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    Dude you asked the wrong question, go read the faq of the site.

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    Well you never know, there could be some odd chance that he owns all these websites and has happened to forget the passwords... Then again pigs might have gained the ability to fly and in which case I suggest you try and catch one and then use it to fly to these servers and simply set the passwords to something you might remember this time. You've been here longer than a week, have you not been paying attention to the recent threads? I think this would fall just slightly, under the category of being script kiddie like
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    What Antionline is Not

    'Nuff said.

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