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Thread: Redhat linux 8.0

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    Redhat linux 8.0

    Hey all, i have just recently loaded redhat 8.0 on my box and just for fun i ran nmap on my box to see what was open. out of all the the ports that were open, and there were a few, i found port 22 sh open.
    I was wondering if anyone new what this port or program was and if it is a threat. any information on this would be great thanks all.

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    The port description helps in hiding the fact that these systems are SSH conversant while allowing me the ability to freely use SSH because only I know what port SSH is expecting connections on, therefore standard scans on Port 22 would show the port to be closed or blocked, leaving the idea of attack via SSH to someone who was more clever than your standard portscanning script-kiddie.


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    How to use it?

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