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Common Windows Ports

Port Usage Notes

20 FTP Data Only used as a source port
21 FTP Control
22 Secure Shell Remote login on OS X
23 Telnet Common port for attacks
25 SMTP (email) Send Anonymous E-mail
53 DNS Mainly uses UDP, not TCP
70 Gopher
79 Finger
80 HTTP (Web)
88 Kerberos
105 PH (directory)
106 Poppass (change password)
110 POP3 (email)
111 Remote Procedure Call Used for many Unix applications
113 AUTH
119 NNTP (News)
139 NETBIOS Session Windows access (ASIP 6)
143 IMAP (new email)
311 AppleShare Web Admin ASIP Tech note ASIP 6.1 and later
384 ARNS (tunneling)
387 AURP (tunneling)
389 LDAP (directory)
407 Timbuktu 5.2 or later Netopia technote Previous versions use other ports
427 SLP (service location) Only uses TCP for large responses
443 SSL (HTTPS) Draft
497 Retrospect UDP for finding clients
510 FirstClass server SoftArc
515 LPR (printing)
548 AFP (AppleShare)
554 RTSP (QuickTime server) Apple tech note Also uses UDP 6970+
591 FileMaker Pro Web FileMaker tech note Recommended alternate to 80
626 IMAP Admin Apple extension in ASIP 6
631 IPP (Internet Printing Protocol)
4443 AOL Instant Messenger direct connection
5003 FileMaker Pro FileMaker
5190 AOL Instant Messenger
5498 Hotline Tracker Hotline tech note UDP port 5499 for finding servers
6699 Napster/Macster client Apparent Used when server is in "firewall mode"
7070 Real Player
8080 Common HTTP alternate
19813 4D server ACI US

UDP Services used by Macs

Port Usage Notes

53 DNS Sometimes uses TCP
68 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol used to obtain a Mac's IP
69 Trivial File Transfer Protocol
123 Network Time Protocol
137 Windows Name Service
138 Windows Datagram Service
161 Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
458 QuickTime TV
497 Retrospect Finding clients on the network
514 Syslog
554 Real Time Streaming Protocol (QuickTime)
2049 Network File System (NFS)
3283 Apple Network Assistant TIL Note
5003 FileMaker Pro FileMaker tech note For obtaining host list
6970 QuickTime and RealPlayer TIL Note
7070 RTSP alternate (RealPlayer) Support Note