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    If you have a *nix box, a quick and dirty way to get this NFO is to view the /etc/services file.

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    Here is a port list from ISS:

    Note quite as exhaustive as some of the others, but a the ports are listed in order.

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    Great post . Very usefull information. I have a site (very usefull because it give you information about each one) that has frequently seen TCP and UDP ENJOY!!!. I can see you worked very hard on this, AWESOME Post. . Am looking forward in seeing you post again.
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    Originally posted here by thehorse13
    If you have a *nix box, a quick and dirty way to get this NFO is to view the /etc/services file.

    I was just getting ready to post that.

    You can also find these in Windows... but not all of them are in there.
    When you install a new program, it will modify this file if the service is not already listed.

    That can be found in




    (for some reason... the formatting on this line is messed up and I can't fix it...)

    You can view these without editing them...
    from command prompt..

    c:> type c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\services | more

    yada yada yada...
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    how can we block the ports running on the server... ..

    I use nmap to scan for open ports... it shows various ports like eg 10235.. now hw do i block this port.......


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    There is a neat little help file out there somewhere I forget the link but if I find it i'll post, the filenames are: & These contain a neat .chm help file that is a port lookup and port reference. find these if you need a good ref to ports.
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