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Thread: What games do you play?

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    Post What games do you play?

    Im just curious what games you linux users play on linux. I mean without emulation software like wineX.
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    i like adventure games and tradition classic game :
    1. The Open Age of Ultima for adventure
    2. Space Tripper for classic tradition

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    I'm a great fan of Quake especially the capture the flag mode.
    Its old stuff but still the best!
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    ShiShenSho (KDE games)
    Klickety (KDE games)

    I also realy like trackballs
    and foobillard 3D pool (don't try this on a slow box !!)

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    hehehhhee gtetris all the way! :P

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    KMahjongg, Kpoker, Kbounce, and the occasional game of Katomic, which can be quite a difficult game, but it makes you think. Though I'm hoping to download Doom sometime soon when i get the chance.
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    Im just curious what games you linux users play on linux. I mean without emulation software like wineX.

    counter-strike, counter-strike, counter-strike
    You can't play CS in linux right?

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    Tux racer, Tux Kart, Abuse, Kpoker, Bobules, **** alot.

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    Originally posted here by FrameWork

    You can't play CS in linux right?
    Yeah you can with wine, you just need a video card that linux supports well enough to run something like Tux Racer without rediculously low frames...

    99: you should've read the first post, without emulation... I'm pretty sure only the hlds will run natively in linux and not the actual game client, I could be wrong though.

    While I'm posting anyways... : Tux Racer, Sobokan!! I almost beat that one too...
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    Thank's Pecosian, i wasnt aware that you were able to play such games. I usually just play kpong though, i actually find it really fun for some reason.

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