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    You can hex edit many things on windows 98. So ive added a .html document that I've downloaded off a site. I hope u get as much out of it as i have.

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    Originally posted here by ha-lf
    It's easy just open regedit. Go to edit -> find
    In the "find what" box type "Recycle Bin" (without the quotes). Make sure all the checkboxes are checked. Click Find. Now modify the default value to the name you want to give to the Recycle Bin, You may also want to change the Infotip.
    This didn't work for some reason...I know I searched right, as I've done it before. I just followed the steps in a different post to change the name, but very weird that it wouldn't work by searching. Only thing I can guess is that I messed something up slightly when hexing the other windows files

    Edit: Ok, I wasn't searching right Just a dumb error on my part...learn something new every day.

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