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Thread: Re: AO Logo Contest and Rule Breaking

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    Re: AO Logo Contest and Rule Breaking

    Other thread went suicidal.

    I'm disappointed in the way this contest was handled, moreover the ethics, when clearly the rules had been broken. If JUPM was looking for a font to work with, they could have simply gone to one of the many font sites out there and chosen one to suit their tastes instead of wasting people's time for a contest that didn't even adhere to its own rules. It's not only discouraging to its participants, but its in very bad taste. DarkRaider put in a serious amount of effort, and had very excellent contributions that followed the rules. Who the hell is the graphic designer/coordinator for JUPM that they couldn't tell what was made with a vector program and what wasn't? It shouldn't even have come to this.
    i'm talking about the contest rules that were clearly broken, i took part of my everday rutine to make two designs following the rules to then find out that a logo that didn't follow the rules and again CLEARLY BROKEN THEM won the contest.
    If, for any reason, the Contest is not capable of running as planned by reason...or any other causes which, in the sole opinion of JUPITERMEDIA, could corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of this Contest, JUPITERMEDIA reserves the right at its sole discretion to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Contest
    Is it not possible that they decided that SickDwarf's logo looked the best, and they decided that his logo was of a suitable size such that it would look fine on the website (negating the purpose of vector graphics). I don't see any broken rules - I'm no lawyer but it seems they covered their arse as far as that was concerned. As shown, converting the logo into vector format was not a huge task so maybe this was something else they took into consideration. Admittedly, something could have been said earlier about this - guess we'll just have to wait for intmon's response to the thread.

    Nowhere does it say that members were allowed to vote on a shortlist (maybe would have been a nice idea but it wasn't even suggested until SickDwarf won). So you put a lot of effort into your logo, great. You lost - **** happens. It seems that the whole last thread was born out of frustration at not winning, hence suggestions about shortlists and such that had not been considered earlier.

    To everyone else I apologise for perpetuating this discussion but I thought something needed to be said about the 'broken rules' aspect, when technically no rules have been broken (as far as I can make out).

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    Doesn't really matter anyway. The issue has been resolved. Jupiter Media will be using my vector version of SD's logo with color changes (to fit the site, as needed) for the new logo. The compromise came about yesterday, with SickDwarf to receive full credit and the full prize, at my request. So let's congratulate him for his design and move on.

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