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Thread: what courses should i take.

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    what courses should i take.

    I am going to college and have pretty much endless possiblities on what college i can go to so feel free to give any advice on what courses to take that could get me to be a professional at network security. I want to learn how to stop hackers and know all the different ways how to do it. I know a little but i want to learn a lot. Any ideas about books/online courses/college courses/specific colleges/online tutorials/ would be greatly appreciated.

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    any specific direction? like programming or web design or Security ....??

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    Try BSc.(Hons) in Computing specializing in Internet Technology

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    I think that u should first focus on 2 main subjects:
    - Networking layers (Switching, routing, TCP/UDP)
    - And programming (C/C++, Perl, Soap, ...)

    Then go for
    - application layers: SMTP, HTTP, FTP, TELNET, SSH, ... its endless
    - and security tools:
    --Audit (Nessus, NMAP, Firewalk, ...)
    --Firewall (Netfilter, ...)
    --IDS(Rule-based, heuristics-based, ...)

    What u r looking for is the holly graal .... an endless quest!

    best of luck
    [shadow] SHARING KNOWLEDGE[/shadow]

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    Any ideas about books/online...
    I can recomend some books. I discovered a book "Teach yourself TCP/IP in 24 hours" I have no idea how good it is since I have not read it but heres a link


    A book I have read part of however "Local Area Networks" Author: Thomas W. Madron Publised by Wiley I didnt complete the book yet but got it on sale at the local library for 50 cents. Quite an interesting book, very detailed and good networking information.

    Afterall if Network security is what your after, TCP/IP is a starting point. But one thing I can recomend is dont jump in too deep at first, just take your time.

    Sime im no security or networking expert cant recomend much, but thought these two books might help.

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    Ive found that5 just about any book by SYBEX publishing is great. Try www.sybex.com

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    "I want to learn how to stop hackers and know all the different ways how to do it."


    You need have to have strong instincts, psychology: understand the nature of Hackers/Crackers/Script Kiddie why they hack what makes them tick what's
    going in their head why they program what drives them to make better
    software and hack & the dark side of the coin why people make
    a left turn in life and write destructive software Virus/Trojan Horse,
    why they crack systems and networks.

    Oh yeah & one thing I want to warn you if you do make anything out of
    it skillwise and get into security after college or university remember this:

    Don't become a media whore you'll lose all credibuility&respect
    next to script kiddies these guys/gals are despised by white hat and
    black hackers it's ok to make a living, teach, program make better
    software help others but it's not ok to aim to always have the
    spotlight on NBC or CNN Entertainment Tonight or look like your
    using your skills for selfish reasons or giving the community a
    bad name.

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    A good way to learn about how to keep hackers out is to learn how they get in. Buying books and reading stuff online isn't illegal but applying it is. Just like how knowing how to kill some one isn't illegal but actually doing it is.

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    Sans is really expensive i might just take 2 courses there unless i want to make a full fledged career in some computer networking job the school does look good though. If all the courses were taken what job could you get from just taking the classes? Does anyone here have a computer based job and if so what is it and what is the salary.

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