REDMOND, Wash. -- May 19, 2003 -- Microsoft Corp. today announced the formation of the Virus Information Alliance (VIA) with Network Associates Inc. and Trend Micro Inc. This new program is designed to help Microsoft customers obtain timely and relevant information about the latest virus threats affecting Microsoft® technology. The new resource for Microsoft customers addresses the need for a centralized resource of reliable information about high-risk viruses, saving customers critical time in identifying and deploying the correct preventive measures to defend against virus threats.

The alliance with Network Associates' AVERT( (Anti-Virus Emergency Response Team) and Trend Micro TrendLabs (TM) will enable Microsoft customers to be kept informed about critical malicious code and Internet threats, including a full assessment of the threat based on the collective research results of the VIA, through a TechNet Web page located at
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I think this is nice, but I'm not sure how much it will help. The users who are insecure or ignorant of security will also remain ignorant of this new resource. You have to first realize that security exists and then make an effort to find a resource like this to help you.

I didn't see whether they will offer email alerts or not. I don't know if we need yet another email alert list for users, but for the home user market I think getting virus alerts from Microsoft would pull some weight and possibly get them to do something.

For users that DO visit this resource, it seems like they have a decent amount of useful information on it: Microsoft Virus Protection Strategies although not very timely- the latest info they have is on Slammer with no reference to either Fizzer or Palyh/Mankx. Hopefully this new alliance will help them stay more current on the existing threats.