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Thread: your worst teacher?

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    your worst teacher?

    with great joy i can say that i passed all my classes this semester here at college- had the world's most sadistic 3D animation teacher ever.

    what's the worst teacher you've ever had?
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    Congratulations on this semester, johnnybluecrush!

    My worst teacher ever was my chemistry teacher in high school. She was fresh out of college and it was apparent that she really didn't want to be a teacher at all, when she even showed up for class. She knew nothing really on the subject, so asking her questions only made her look stupid, and she took her ignorance out on the rest of the class. I guess her fiance lived down in Florida, and she only got to see him every other weekend or so, so she was only in a good mood when she 'got laid', which is true of a lot of people, you just expect more from a teacher, I suppose. Beautiful Greek woman, but...I'm sorry, what a stupid bitch. Made the class hell. Glad it's over.

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    My worst teacher was Mr. Brown in high school. That fool got almost every kid in each of his classes believing that Don Antonio Lugo was a woman.

    You don't have to be Spanish to know what Don means, do you?

    Not to mention that S.O.B. came to school sick as a dog so he could get his $500.00 bonus at the end of the year for not missing a day but he caused most of his kids to be sick in the process. He's a real sweetheart, I'll tell ya.

    Can you say jack@ss? I knew you could.

    P.S. Congrats!
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    I can name a few. In school and most places i am as quiet as a mouse(except for on AO). I was in spanish class and it was cold one day so i was wearing a light coat right....he asked everyone to come up and get their papers, and as i came up he says " what you got a gun under there". Whata *****! And to think he says this to a guy who almost never open's his mouth...

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    Hmmm...choices choices choices...

    Lets see...Discrete Structures, college, Lon Gowen. He actually started off the class by saying to the effect of: 'I have never taught undergrad classes, I shouldn't be teaching an undergrad class, I will fail all of you so bad that you won't have a chance to fill out evaluations'. He wasn't joking either, class average was < 20 / 100 on the first test...out of around 50-60 people, only 9 tried to finish and only 4 of those passed...*shudder*

    Sammy Souser, Physics II, College. Very rude, very confrontational, liked to try to humiliate people that asked questions, didn't explain anything, tests didnt reflect material covered, out of 120 orignal people, 10 finished class...

    Hmmm...could go on and on...but those are two that are typical of engineering classes at my alma mater ...

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    my worst teacher was also a chem teacher... mr. burch was an assistant football coach who some-how became a chem teacher- go figure? i loved chemistry but still failed the class (passed it over that summer though ) anyway- congrats for passing all yer classes

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    Great job johnnybluecrush. Well my worst teacher in the world would be Ms. Steven's (new teacher) when I was in high school. If you sit in your chair the wrong way your out ( ), and she talks to herself ( ), She reads at a 4th grade level. Well she was a B**** . It's good it's over. Great topic it gets all my anger out of me ("talking about it").
    Thankyou --d00dz AttackiN--
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    My worst teacher had to have been Mrs. benjamin, my 6th grade history teacher. She flipped out if you did anything that wasn't perfect. The worst thing was that she clipped her toenails in the conference room...i still have nightmares.

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    My worst teacher was a Latin teacher, senior year of high school. I almost dropped out and got a GED over it.

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    My worst teacher was while i was studying for a-level design technology. He had been in the industry all his life and decided that he wanted to teach. Problem was he couldn't!!! Poor guy got so nervous everything kept going wrong for him. He was trying to explain ohm's law (V=I*R) one day, (which we all knew from the start of school) and kept getting it wrong which made the class laugh and so he kept insisting he was correct and it all blew up. Eventually the head of the department told the guy that he would pass him on teacher training if he promised that he would change schools!!!
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