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Thread: Boycott AntiOnline

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    Since the sale Of Antionline to JupiterMedia you people are actually supporting corporate America. Your free advice and intellectual discussions are exploited and it creates huge profits from advertising. Think about it. You people that spend countless hours here, benefiting the site, recieve nothing....whilst another US corporation recieves the mighty dollar from advertising.

    nuff said....

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    In the time you spent to write that, you could have already choked yourself. If you dont like the site then leave. We like it.

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    Almost all the members post here for a hobby, and its not like JupiterMedia is making "mighty money" off this site, most of the advertising revenues is just used for expenses. I think you've been reading the Anarchist Cookbook a bit too much latly.
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    How much does one Cruise Missle cost? How many Americans are without health care?

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    Receiving nothing? As in money, right? Cause there is sure as hell a lot of other stuff to receive here. Looks like you're the one worried about corporate America and personal material gain. Get a friggin life.
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    recieve nothing
    Ok, I'm just gonna leave it there for you to figure out...

    As for the rest of that garbage... heh heh... get a grip man jeez, that is sooooo lame...

    The real question is not whether peace can be obtained, but whether or not mankind is mature enough for it...

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    I'm sorry- but what's your point?

    I participate on forums on a number of sites- SecurityFocus, YahooGroups, etc. None of them pay me and they all have advertising.

    I imagine JP made a penny or two from selling the site as well (although I don't know any of the details of that transaction) and the forum participants weren't compensated for their contributions to the intellectual debate.

    When I visit CNN.com or Weather.com they have advertising. They make money from their site and I don't and that is how it should be. They have to make money somehow and they can either take on advertisers who want to market to the target audience or they can charge the audience for access- I like option A.

    Think about it. You people that spend countless hours here, benefiting the site, recieve nothing
    If this were true I wouldn't come back. What I receive IS what others contribute benefiting the site. It is the community sharing ideas, tips, tricks and techniques that provide the value that keep me coming back. As long as the community provides value I don't really care if the parent company makes money hosting it.

    Just my $.02

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    Simple advice. Ya don't like it, leave.

    Also, yer wasting your time flooding the board with your rambling ****.

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    I try not to swear much on here, but you're a ****ing *******. Because one person does not like something, doesn't mean he or she needs to be a dick like you've been. It's even one thing in making a post to voice your thoughts, but you've gone overboard. I hope all your threads go suicidle ASAP... because you're a joke...

    Exaclty as stated before... we like it, so if you don't then that's fine. But be an ass about it, and watch how long it takes for us to side up against you! There are things we get from this site, whether Jup gets profits off it or not, it's a collective mind, a place to learn and grow and help one another! It's our choice to post, to read, and maybe we do it for a reason...
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    That\'s why it\'s all about AntiOnline.com!

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    Wow!!! I didn't know i had two dads... so thanks for the advices dad... but know what?... I don't care... and WE don't care.

    We like this site and IT isn't for people like you.

    You're leaving soon...


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