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Thread: "leet speak"

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    "leet speak"

    Okay so there is all this junk about leet speak or "1337 5p34|<" I do admit it was cool at first but I am just so sick of hearing it. I am wondering why people think it is cool to type in letters and if it is a code it isn't a very good one i mean look at it. and how many people on the forums agree with me. I doubt most people don't even know the REAL meaning of 1337.

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    This alphabet, as best put. Was developed along time ago, if I remember correctly. It was used to keep admin's from filtering out postings that carried key words like. Hacker or h4ck3r or h4x0r, or several variouse other types. I personally like it, not for what it is, but for it's success in keeping free speech alive.
    3d17 7h15 0u7 w17h 50m3 k3y w0rd5 4dm1n. 700 b4d y0u c4n'7 570p u5 4ll.

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    id advise that you move this/delete it now. Otherwise you will more than likely have it closed and lose hundreds of points, i wont neg you, but it looks like someone else already has..

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