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    SssssssSsssssLlllllll RSA RSA RSA ! ! !

    Alright, again I was bored so i decided to write a tutorial after I did

    a little bit of research/reading. I find some of the implementations of

    the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) very interesting and concluded that hey,

    maybe someone else would as well.

    What SSL's job is to manage the transmission of messages across the

    internet in a safe, secure way. This is done by many methods of


    Almost any web browser/server/network app can be enabled to use SSL or

    its recent successor TLS which is based on SSL but isn't near as wide-

    spread/used yet so I wont go into that. For instance, netscape, bleh IE,

    and like I said basically any other.

    The use of encryption is asymmetrically designed so that only a private

    key can be decrypted by a public key, and that only a public key can be

    decrypted by a private key. The public key is distributed widely and the

    private key is always kept safe and out of harms way (So don't worry about

    another public key decrypting this and spreading it across the internet

    like the melissa virus :P )

    Back before implementations of SSL, nearly anyone could spoof their access

    across the net by simply lying to another server/site/network/whatever.

    er0k sends message to stormhawk

    stormhawk says "Who is this? "

    er0k says "This is er0k"

    stormhawk says "Lemme see your public key"

    er0k throws the public key out and stormhawk has no idea whether this is

    valid or not. Then er0k proves it by encrypting something already there

    and sending it across. Stormhawk is oblivious now.

    But SSL came up with a way to prevent this from occuring. Its called

    certificates. You all have probably seen certificates across the net from

    your own browser's, asking for authenticity and things of the sort before

    you download a program. Well this is SSL at work in browser form, although

    other protocol's that use the SSL protocol do it in the same way just not

    so graphical and scary, simply because you cannot see it.

    In a transmission of a certificate with SSL, the server checks for:

    the issuers name, his/her public key, time stamps, and several other

    methods of authentication.

    Of course, like anything, this is and has been easily exploitable, for

    instance er0k and stormhawk passing the same messages back and forth

    messages being encrypted, and er0k taking the messages and making them

    very difficult to understand, but seem reasonable because he sent

    stormhawk someone else's certificate since er0k is now trying to be

    someone else. Stormhawk believes him finally and lets him come visit.

    Now stormhawk begins to throw in some MAC (Not machine address, machine

    access code) stuff at er0k, and now er0k is in big trouble. He doesn't

    know the code, and has a very rare chance of getting it. The machine

    access code is MD5, which is nearly impossible to decrypt unless you are

    the NSA with the algorithms/machines working on it for about 10 seconds.

    Chances are SSL is going to win always, TSL apparently is even better

    with new RSA public key auth, mac, etc, algorithms.

    Moral of the tutorial, dont lie to people, there is always a method of

    catching you

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    you wrote 20 tutorials must be often bored ... .... this one i s great as every tutorial of you ...keep the AO community informed ...

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    nah i have to write em for my site, so i might as well post em here. I originally write them to add to our database at my site, then just put em here for you alls viewing pleasure. i try to add some humour because tutorials i can understand can be very dull alot of the time.

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    Moral of the tutorial, dont lie to people, there is always a method of
    Very true Er0k, Great posts makes a lot of sense, And great point...... Thankyou!!
    First you listen, then you do, finally you teach.
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