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Thread: Setting up Mandrake Linux on a Already Windows box

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    Setting up Mandrake Linux on a Already Windows box

    I want to be able to keep my windows operating system and all its files but i want to partition it with mandrake linux. I never went through the process of trying to install mandrake because i am afraid i will do something wrong. Does mandrake have its own hd partition program? Or what is the steps needed to take to install it and have both windows and linux. Also should i run some check before i install linux to see if hardware is compatible with it.

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    yes, mandrake will do most/all of the work for you... i just installed mandrake on my machine- i think it's GUI install is great and really easy to use... There should/will be an option to partition a slice off of your windows drive (with lil' or no error) i'd still advise backing everything up before you install. but you should be OK!

    mandrake is great, i've been running it for over a month now with no problems

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    Dont forget to defrag the hard drive before installing Mandrake .... it is important.

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    Just like 99 said, Mandrake can repartition and format ntfs filesystems, so you have all you need in the installer.
    One piece of advice, though: make sure you defrag your hard drive before the install, otherwise whatever files windows has kindly scattered all over your hard drive will be lost if they're located where you put mandrake.

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    Ugh we should have a special mandrake / dual boot forum...

    Did you even bother to search , or even look at the main page...
    I even think there past two similar threads only the last few hours and even more in a few days. Only you might wanna consider the RH threads too...MDK and RH are similar distros.

    btw this ain't security talk, this belongs in GCC as far as i know..
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    Ill answer this one.

    First i have installed and ran it with windows multiple times (for a while i dual booted with alot of OSs...well 3 anyway cant go past 4 on one HD) anyway these easy to use steps should help you out:

    1. RTFM!!!!!!!!!!!!! you wouldnt even have to ask if you wouldv done this one, but oh well im a helpful person.

    2. RTFM page on dual booting with Windows, also search the forums for dula booting and look it up on google if you cant find TFM to read it. Its described in detail and step by step.

    3. go to the mandrake home page, there are alot of resources there too.

    4. before you install, BACK UP YOUR HD. Also to the defrag as suggested.

    5. RTFM again and then follow along while your doing it.

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