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Thread: I'm receiving negative antipoints

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    I'm receiving negative antipoints

    Why am I receiving negative antipoints, I hope the onces that are giving me negative points aren't losers who give me them without a reason

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    You can always contact AO admins if you think you are being harassed but i think you aren't... anyway, you shouldn't be worrying about APs. You have just joined AO and just have a grey dot. Almost everyone of us had one once.

    Good luck,


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    Well, posting threads like this will probably get you a few more negative antipoints...

    Everyone gets negged now and again - not so long ago I had a grey dot and now I have 7 greenies. Either way it makes no difference unless you fall so low into the red AP area that you get banned automatically.
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    There will always be someone that will randomly neg you. As long as you have read the FAQ, and answer question's to the best of your ability you should do just fine.

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