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Thread: anonymous apache proxy

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    anonymous apache proxy

    not sure where to post this, but since im a newbie....

    i use apache 2.0.36 as a proxy server on a mandrake 9 box. i set my browsers to go through the proxy, i have the proxyVia directive set to Block, i'd like to surf anonymously and have my computer not give out all sorts of info when i surf, but sites that do proxy checks still pick up my ip address. is it possible to get apache 2.0.36 to strip my ip address off (if this is indeed what happens when one uses an "anonymous" proxy)?? or is my router adding the ip address back on??

    any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Try for a search on google u might come up w/ what you want to know. You never know. Sorry i couldnt help you man but keep the questions commin. Im sure they will get answered.

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    Removing your ip adres would mean that a website can not respond to you anymore. The website needs your ip adres to send you the information you requested. There's no way to remove this. This is basic tcp/ip stuff.

    An anomymous proxy means that you connect to the proxy. The proxy strips off any 'private' information and sends the request to the website. The website responds with the info to the proxy. The proxy delivers this info to you.

    What all this means is that the proxy needs to be able to find you (by using your ip). The website needs the proxy ip to be able to respond.

    Try to find an anonymous proxy on the Internet and use that. That way all that the website sees is the ip from that proxy and not your ip.

    All you did was adding another step but the requests (from your proxy) still come from your ip address.

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    While it was more geared towards SSL and reverse proxies, you might want to look at my tutorial here:


    It uses apache and I would imagine many of the settings would be similar.

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