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Thread: Internet Explorer users beware! StartPage

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    Thumbs down Internet Explorer users beware! StartPage

    It seems theres another trojan on the loose called 'StartPage' The full story can be found here at http://www.kaspersky.com/news.html?id=977909

    Kaspersky Labs, an international data security software developer, reports the appearance of the Trojan program, 'StartPage' - the first malware to infect computers via the "Exploit.SelfExecHtml" vulnerability in the Internet Explorer security system. Making infection particularly dangerous is the fact that Microsoft has yet to release the required patch, essentially leaving users defenseless in the face of this and other, potentially more dangerous threats choosing to exploit the very same vulnerability.
    Microsoft needs to make a patch for this ASAP. There are way to many vulnerable systems out there now.

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    Thanks for the heads up.
    Better use opera or netscape when you are on an MS operating system.
    You could have posted this one in Microsoft Security discussions. That way it would have wound up on the main page for everyone to see.
    Once againthanks for the heads up, hope MS will fix the bug soon.

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    It will be interesting to see how quite they issue a patch.

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    This is a bit off the topic but I always use my own start page, What I mean is make my own offline webpage for the start page and store it in my harddrive, quick internet explorer start page plus you can also put whatever you want on the page and it wont matter - This means links to your favortive webpages or a nice startup picture for your IE...

    I put a black bg page with a script menu in the middle with links etc, plus in the bottom left hand corner of the page I have a quick search bar from google.com, and it makes your IE pages stay on the pages you say!
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