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Thread: Honey net

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    Honey net

    Hi friends.....

    Just found this intresting site which may be of intrest to many here


    Basically these are challenges for users to break in......


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    Re: Honey net

    Originally posted here by anjali
    Basically these are challenges for users to break in......
    Not really. They are meant to lure unsuspecting crackers into a fishnet like situation and find out how they work and what kind of tools they use. It's the low hanging fruit paradigm.

    Hackerslab et al are challenges for users to break in.

    Edit: Damn. To quick in my response. The above is true for your basic honeynet. Didn't know they also did cracking challenges.
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    Re: Honey net

    Those aren't hacking/cracking challenges, there forensics... but just as good

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    Hi anjali: This has already been posted before below. To avoid double-posts, do a search before posting information or asking a question. Many topics have already been gone over. The search feature will help you to get the most from the site. Thanks for your contributions.

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    lance spitzer has been the leading body in the honeynet project, and i remember a talk of utilizing honeynet as tangent part of IDS/IPS system... check out humanfirewall.org also, pretty interesting stuff...


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    I started a thread on that subject to last week, (anyway u r rigth it is a very interseting project, and I thank u to give me the opprotunity to discuss about it, but try next time to bring new info)

    Honeynet had published some result of one of the goal it's designed for:
    - Taking the temperature of hacking activities world wide, conclusion r that many (more and more) ppl scans www, but their intent r mostly criminal to get cash.

    I thought that motivation was kids trying to get fun by thinking they r clever in using tools they didn't coded for crashing and annoying ppl or company they don't like. But It seems that's its getting more & more a motivation to make easy money and rob naive ppl.
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