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    Originally posted here by thehorse13
    Schools are no different than corporations. They have acceptable use policies that you must follow. First of all, you don't own any of the equipment so your personal wishes are not a consideration. Second, the school is liable for your actions while you are using their equipment, thus, the acceptable use policy is in place to protect the interests of the school.

    The tech dept reacted appropriately to your request. If what you want falls within the school's policy then they will help you out. If they do something that violates the policy because you feel that it is your right, the school and the tech department will be responsible. Get used to this model because when you eventually move on into the "real world" acceptable use policies may be even more restrictive than your school.

    [This is exaactly correct, I couldn't have conveyed that point any better myself.]
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    Dont bother trying to get around the school's security systems and such, even if u do get around deepfreeze, bess, fortress ect.. the admins are just gonna catch u. all its gonna do is get u into more trouble... use school computers for school work and stuff, use your home computer for all that other stuff, best advice: dont give out any private info over the school networks, there all watchin everything
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    Check your date on this threa ian, I think it died out.

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    Welcome to AO

    I would like to point out that if the date is flashing, then the post is dead. Some persons (not myself) might take exception to raising an old post.

    I would suggest that the best method is to go down the bottom right and click on the purple "bump up" button, then enter your bit?

    Not having a go, just a suggestion..............and I agree with what you said

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    Yeah, exactly, I don't care myself about posting to old threads bust some cranky old senior members have major cows. I agree as well, good advice.

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    Back in the ancient days of windows 95 i was in high school, and what was interesting is that we had an old version of fortress.... now back then i was able to boot into dos and disable it (it was hiding in config.sys and autoexec.bat).... furthermore we had deepfreeze (which my college uses now)... i have done some security testing against it, and what we have found is that by booting into safe mode (with network support if necessary) it is possible to uninstall/delete the main executable...

    I am not promoting illegal activities, but i am giving this information to show that there are ways to get around their security systems ONLY IF THEY ARE STOPING YOU FROM DOING SOMETHING LEGAL / CLASS RELATED.

    the reason in the past i was always disabling them was because i was doing research papers on genetic mutation and DNA replication/cloning. for some reason, i kept getting blocked and because my admin was incharge of not only the network, but also teaching classes, and in charge of the FBLA club at school, she never had time to go fix all the computers in the school.

    I understand why you are not happy with school policy, i was like that also. what i am doing now is trying to fix that problem. I am finishing up college and i m hoping to become a school admin, and maybe will be able to make a difference. maybe you should try this too... rather than b!tch about the system, try to fix it (and i know you can't do anything now because admins never take students seriously until the student brings the network to its knees (not a suggestion again, just trying to make it so you don't make the same mistake i did...))

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