The Alternative Source of Information.
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Thread: The Alternative Source of Information.

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    The Alternative Source of Information.


    The alternative source of Information.

    Do you believe everything you read (Newspapers) or watch on the T.V (C.N.N, MSNBC,Etx) well think again, Newspapers tend to contain detailed information about local events but "slack" on contextual international events (E.x: what was or is happen in Iraq).

    Now to get the right or more detailed information about what is happening outside of your country or city you can read newspapers all around the world. If you can read from different cities or countries you will be surprised from the newspaper you are reading now compared the newspaper to the country or city where the event is happening is much more detailed. Here are a few sites that offer newspapers around the world (sorry if there broken links ) :

    AfricaNews (Africa)

    Bahrain Tribune (middle east Bahrain)

    Bangkok Post (Thailand)

    Buenos Aires Herald (South America)

    China News (China)

    Gulf News (United Arab Emirates)

    Financial Times (Financial news all around the world) or

    Ha'aretz (Tel Aviv, Israel)

    International Herald Tribune (Paris)

    Irish Times (politicos, Irish)

    Investor's Business Daily (Financial news)

    Japan times (Japan)

    Le Monde (France)

    The Times of India (India)

    The Telegraph (London)

    The Sydney Morning Herald (Read new from down-under)

    South China Morning Post (China)

    Russia Today (Russia)

    USA Today (USA)

    Toronto Star (Canada)

    The Times (London)

    Pravda (Soviet Union)

    The PaperBoy (Links to the most popular international newspapers)

    The Norway Post (Norway)

    The New Zealand Herald (Zealand)

    The New York times (USA, New York)

    Moscow Times (Russian)

    The End/Thankyou
    By opening your mind to Internet newspapers, you can be fully informed about ALL world events. Get The Real truth; That your country leaves out. Thankyou....
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    Hey, those are pretty good links. I am kinda wondering how many of these sources are censored. I heard some countries filter Google for instance. I could be wrong though.


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    Nice Job. I had been reading "The Sydney Morning Herald" for a few months and found that I enjoy news outside of the US also. The different points of view are interesting contrast.

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    Well Done d00dz

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    Doodz: But also don't get drawn into the feeling that just because it is news from the source country it is therefore the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth...... 'cos nothing would be further from the truth.......
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    The media puts a spin on the news no matter what country its comming from. Just keep that in mind. Like if you were readding iraqy newspapers they would have a definate anti american spin on every story about americans. Just something to keep in mind as you read. Look at the economical and political structure of the area the paper is from. Then try to filter out the B.S.

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    well obviously american news is dsseminated information. but the sources you claim are no more "real" then another because of perspectival views. also there is the idea of misinformation. French news papers during the war reported mostly antiamerican sentiment because they disagreed with the war. journalists focus on the view point they agree with tends to be the case....
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    Very Good Post doodz~attackin great links. Tryin them out at the moment. Pm me the next time u com eout a new tut.

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    alittlebitnumb, you are correct when you said

    Hey, those are pretty good links. I am kinda wondering how many of these sources are censored. I heard some countries filter Google for instance. I could be wrong though.
    . Indeed many countries filter out google. Best bet is to stick to, and also in your personalisation options, you can define something bout dicativating the filter. I will look it up for you and let you know.

    doodz, well done, what happened to you? Im not used to these good posts from you

    Well done, keep up this good work. I agree with what you said about truth and censorship. Its all very true indeed. Your links prove your point exactly.

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    Thumbs up

    great list. Here's one more often reported on country.

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