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    Question Program to keep track of TIME of usage my COMPUTERS.

    Hey Boy/Gals

    Hi, i have my own computer shop and i have some Windows 2000 Pro machines set up at the front soo that people can come in and use them to browse the internet and maybe print stuff off of to my network printer. I was wonder what would be the best way to set these machines up securly and also moniter the time that they are on the machine. (I DONT want to moniter stuff they are surfing for or anything) just the time they log in and out and maybe soo they can print stuff to our network printer but sort of keep control of what they print soo they dont abuse it like print 1000 copies or something.(The printing part is not that important right now). If you are sort of confused as to what im talking about, i sort of mean something like what chapters has set-up. What are some good programs out that would help me accomplish this sort of setup (Any FREE ONES out there? ) But the thing what chapters is they pay for time at the machine i just want them to pay at the counter after they are done. Soo is ther eany help you guys can give me, OR IDEAS or anything that would help Thanks!!


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    It sounds like you need a system that the public libraries around me use. I'm not sure what it is, but I'll be going to the library tomorrow after work... so I'll ask for you.

    What I know it does:

    You need a user id and password to logon (library card number and pin number)

    You need to register with the reference desk to use it. They allow your card number to access thier PCs for a specific amount of time. It has a timer in the bottom right hand corner of how much time you've eaten up.

    Restricts how what the user can do. If all they need to do is surf, or print a document.. only allow access to those programs. Users can't install, look at config etc. There are actaully no icons on the start menu, no way to get to the run field, can't browse the hard disk from the internet browser, etc. I've tried all that already... I was very curious as to what they locked down access to.

    Restricts how much you print, and keeps track of it per account per session.
    At the library, you are charged .05 for every page printed black and white.
    If you print color, its .10 per page.

    I'm not sure what other features it has... but I will find out what they use for ya, if other AOers haven't come up with a solution for you by then...

    Until I can find out more about the program the library uses... check out these


    Access Control

    That coupled with user account restrictions and permissions... you should be golden.

    Enuff looked like the better of the two... but I didn't do any testing as of yet.

    Let us know what you think. They have a free trial for both of them.
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