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    Post Anti-Spam

    Yahoo have a great page here about Anti-Spam with usefull info for admins.

    I have used some of the blurb in a mailshot that im going to send round my users.

    heres the url for anyone who is interested.


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    One of the other About.com sites recently did a series on Spam:

    What Is Spam?
    The word spam refers to two different types of messages flooding the Internet. Find out what they are.

    Who Invented Spam?
    Spam turned 25 years old this month. Find out how the very first spam came to be.

    Spam 101 -- Why Is Spam Called Spam?
    How did the name for a processed meat product from Hormel become a name for the scourge of the Internet? Here's the story.
    There is also a whole series of articles and links on the site: About.com Internet for Beginners

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    Very interesting posts.


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