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Thread: Why Does It Say I Assign Neg Points? (I Don't)

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    Why Does It Say I Assign Neg Points? (I Don't)

    I've assigned only positive to threads, and at the antionline.com main page it has me right in the middle for "user tends to assign" status. Yet when I post it says I tend to assign all the way down to the red.

    I read the FAQ...only thing I can guess is that I have zero antipoint "power", so even when assigning positive it doesn't count it. But why then would it show my status differently depending on where I'm at? Not a big deal or anything, but curious

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    This has been posted a couple times before, don't worry, it's a bug that popped up when JupMedia purchased AO....so, don't stress it, we all know it, and don't pay attention to it, but hey, thanks for reading the FAQ's thats more then your average newbie!!!

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    it shows because you haven asigned any antipoints yet ...when u statrt asigning positive antipoints the bar under your USER NAME in a post will increase ...

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    I wonder how long it's gona take to fix that...still waiting for word from JupM, oh well...

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    Simple answer:

    "The damn thing is broken."

    At least... thats what I tell my lusers.
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