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Thread: A god amongst men

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    A god amongst men

    More of a story than a joke....

    once upon a time there was young fellow called SwistedTnyper who had a brain wave - 'I bet if I post jokes I'll become popular and everyone will love me!' Filled with images of legions of adoring fans calling his name SwistedTnyper thought long and hard about what to post.....it would need to be somthing so comical but inteligent. Able to provoke a whole hearted laugh from the most cold hearted of souls while at the same time leave the reader feeling they have just read somethign deeply profound that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.....it was then in a flash of inspiration that it came to him! He would consult the greatest resource of comical material anywhere in the country...no the world...no the UNIVERSE!!! his fwd email folder!! picking only the most select and choice items did he then dare to venture forth and post his msg for all to see....

    the reaction to his post was immidiate and overwhelming rofl - those four lil letters than mean so much to so many.....he was truely now a God amongst men! But he craved more & more....delving again & again into his fwd folder attempting to once again capture the hearts and minds of all at AO with his comical genuis but as is shown all to often

    absaloute power corrupts absaloutly
    and it was this that was eventually his downfall until that fatefull day

    This person has been banned from AntiOnline, and as a result, all of their posts have been marked as Hidden
    ohhh how AO wept - truely its boards would suffer now! So it is a tear in my eye and a deep emptyness inside that i say goodnight to poor SwistedTnyper surely there can never be another like you!! - oh except Perry >_<

    [sarcasm]woohoo, yippee[/sarcasm]

    .....god damn i'm in a good mood tonight



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    I love it. And im probably not the only one. except you forgot the <sarcasm> </sarcasm> tags around the part about AO weeping

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    but i was being serious there

    heh now am just as bad i have flooded the tech humour tonight - oh well

    **consoles himself in fact that at least i try to make my posts original and over 2 lines long - hehe

    only 2 hrs to go as well w00t been passing time before head to see my biatch (don't tell her i called her that :P) in glasgow...trains at 5:55am eek!!! so guess who ain't gone to bed - lol


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