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Thread: World Wide Weird

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    World Wide Weird

    We all know that the internet can be a place of what seems like unlimited knowledge and information but what about its other side? That deep dark under-belly of just pure weird sites? Peoples geocities pages dedicated to their pet bannanas! or what other absurd and strange pages await us out there....what i propose is a scouring of the web by the people of AO - goodness the vast majority of us spend a large portion of our lives on it why not see how deep we can really go!

    Post the most ridiculous pages you can find in this thread and let the people of AO decide who once and for all really is

    the keeper of the damn weird

    right am away to look for my submision


    additional - ok first stop on my search aol.hometown.com of course
    well i came across a site not worthy of being the weirdest but it did have a slightly comical bit that although not worthy of a thread in tech humour i still thought i would post....i wont post the whole thing you can read it here
    but its a list of dif types of women and what happens on dates with them example


    First date: You get to kiss her goodnight.

    Second date: You get to grope all over and make out.

    Third date: You get to have sex in the missionary position.

    Then you promise to marry her but will probably abandon the idea.
    midly amusing but as i scrolled down reading more of them i came to the last one


    First Date: You both get blind drunk and have sex.

    Second Date: You both get blind drunk and have sex.

    20th Anniversary: You both get blind drunk and have sex
    heh if only it were true

    you gotta at least wait till the second date - well not to get blind drunk....well sometimes you gotta wait to the second date! lol

    by the way this ain't meant to cause offence just thought was humourous

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    I have the mother of all that is weird,crazy and perverted an index to the insane, bizarre and scary http://www.portalofevil.com/ the archives in this link hold all that you will ever seek ,all that you never wanted to see , from hentai pedos to furries to fundies to the literally quite insane ,and well its one of my most favoured places in the whole net . bwahhahahhahahahhaahahahhaaha (anyone who can find better is my hero and shall earn my everlasting grattitude )

    and well as a second afterthought www.vehm.com WARNING VERY graphic picture on splash page ,dont say i didn't warn ya

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    Here's my contribution, http://www.potatoland.org

    I could never figured out what this strange site is about and beyond it's a weird site, to the right you'll see more links that will take you to really weird and non sense pages like RIOT (then click Enter RIOT), FEED, SPUD and every other link there

    Don't get crazy please,


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    http://www.crank.net/ is a collectiond of the weirdest sites on the net.
    While there look up the time cube...you will never be the same after visiting that site.
    Who is more trustworthy then all of the gurus or Buddha’s?

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