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    Question security risk detected

    Hi, I`ve run my Norman Virus Control and it has detected about 7 security risks so far
    C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\Libparse.exe Security risk:W32\HackPV.A C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\psexec.exe W32/HackPS.A C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32 \CONFIG\Libparse.exe W32/HackPV.A
    C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32 \CONFIG\psexec.exe W32/HackPS.A
    C:\WINNT\WEB\PRINTERS\IMAGES\Libparse.exe W32/HackPV.A
    C:\WINNT\WEB\PRINTERS\IMAGES\psexec.exe W32/HackPS.A
    C:\WINNT\WEB\PRINTERS\IMAGES\svchost32.exe W32/HideWindow.B
    Does anybody have any idea of what this is and what to do since the AV cannot delete them?

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    I would look them up on google and maybe try
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    psexec is part of the pstools suite from Sysinternals

    Svchost32 is part of a backdoor more info can be found here

    My best guess? You're screwed. Your machine is probably backdoored.
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    dude your gettin owned (think dell guy that got arrested for pot)

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    pop into safe mode and try t delete them there...or create a bot disk from the av program and use that.
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    I'm not sure but u may had been infected by TROJ_FLOOD.BI.DR.

    check if u find a RCFG.INI file it's used to connect to an IRC server from which the attacker takes control on u.
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