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Thread: free security books,linux.. #2

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    free security books,linux.. #2

    My second thread to help everybody on online books on everything.... it'll help at leat somebody ( New to LINUX? Perfect book for you to install and configure linux) (self help Computer and Security) (Oracle, HTML development...Perl.... and UNIX books) (C# presentation){F1E283B8-E058-4A2A-9B33-F5ECCF9ACC70}&element_id={A5404754-540B-4F4A-8080-8EF474ADDF69}&st={E4CD8850-0597-4177-B459-A48B8F5332B9}&session_id={905CF0C0-736B-4B8A-B73C-550B216176F4} ( help on Red Hat Linux) (game development) (maintaning user accounts in linux) ( pdf ) ( covering Security, Games , Hardware,Graphics,Linux-Unix....Networking) (network Tools and Truobleshhoting .....) (pdf) (SQL performance) (Web Development...Dreamweaver...Front Page...Photoshop...Flash..) (information retrievel) (for computer game developers) (over 300 Java Tips) (ultimate HardWare Book) ( GNU/Linux system administration) (GIMP techniques , digital imaging) (computer animation..)

    look through these you may find somethin interesting ....

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    Thanks for the links. This can be added to my favorites along with

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    I always wanted to find good stuff abt network....Thanx for your lovely link to such wonderful resources on the WWW

    Your link was indeed great.....
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