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    A wierd question

    This is going to seem wierd but I was wondering if there was anyone who knew of a site with .wavs of different baud frequencies. (like 300 to 1200) Or something like that, It would be great to know. Thanks!
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    Try hackers quarterly at www.2600.com they use to have some like phone tones.
    Or build you own-- go to syntrillium.com downloads the eval version of Cooledit 2000, one of the best
    audio editors around for windose. I have used it for years, i tried others but... I actually went and bought
    it and some of the plugin .With a "little" work you can run it on linux with one of the binaries that
    port windoz programs

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    Wav files are always hard to find sometimes cause they all use mp3
    heh i remember when i needed .wav files for my website
    wasnt easy to find
    best thing to do is to go to google.com and search for some

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