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Thread: "Terminal Services" Linux

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    "Terminal Services" Linux

    Hello all, I have done a serach through the forums and cannot find an answer to my question, but I have a feeling its because I don't know what I'm looking for.

    I'm wanting to be able to remote into my linux server(s) from my windows box and control them in the same way that terminal services works for windows.
    I would prefer a good level of security, (i.e. VNC doesn't do the trick) as I am a bit on the paraniod side when it comes to security.

    I appreciate any recommendations/help.

    (P.S. This is my 1st thread so hopefully I don't sound TOO stupid)
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    You might be looking for an ssh daemon and install that on your linux server.
    That way you 'll be able to access it from windows or linux remotely.

    Find info on sshd here : http://www2.yo-linux.com/cgi-bin/man.cgi?topic=sshdµ

    In windows you need to use Putty on your remote box it's able to ssh , telnet, rlogin to remote ssh daemons.

    You can download putty here : http://people.nl.linux.org/~bjs/putty/download.html



    You can download Openssh here : http://lwn.net/2000/1130/a/su-openssh.php3
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    But... if you are more the point and click type of guy... you can use VNC for a remote desktop.

    Beware: VNC's traffic is not encrypted and if you are using it over nonsecure lines I would recommend using ssh to tunnel VNC.

    VNC is phree! and so is openssh... what more can u ask for?

    Here is a link to read more about VNC.
    Here is a link for a how to tunnel VNC through ssh.

    Note: You can also do this between two windows systems but using stunnel.
    Here is a good link for info about that.
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    Thanks for the help!!

    I'll be busy reading/implementing this weekend!
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