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Thread: Thread to be deleted later

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    Most Common Trojan Ports

    The post wont delete so i just edited it contents

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    Thanx Dude I Was Lookin For The Common Net-Devil Port

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    and snyper/evil/image is back for round 4!!!!!!

    Ok, im really starting to feel bad for you. Have some advice.

    Ok first, stop making accounts, thats wasting space ok? go back on your other account and this one, and stop posting **** like this.

    dude you cant post a tutorial that has nothing but "trojan ports" in it. A tutorial should be something you wrote yourself and that hasnt been covered like 30 times already. Thats why i have written a Linux tutorial so far, because there is like 300 already.

    This tutorial is something you could type into a search and find. Go to a search engine and find something about computer security that interests you and learn about it as much as you can. Then youll be able to have actual discussions on here and talk about what youv learned instead of posting jokes and tutorials no one is going to learn from.

    Now, i wanna see a reply this time, this is your 4th account and already you have been negged to hell and i didnt do it. So obviously you have some learning to do.

    cmon man, learn something computer security related that interests you and read up on it.

    and stop posting tutorials. this isnt even a tutorial, its a script kiddie check list. if you go back to some of the other posts you made i did reply trying to help you out.

    like for example i said "stop posting ways for people to do things to they arent supposed to be doing to computers they dont own".

    UGH, AND QUIT TALKING TO YOURSELF FOR **** SAKES MAN, thats just messed up dude. you got these accounts and you talk to yourself with each one. its not like we couldnt tell you had the same aim name on two accounts then made a new aim name with the name of your second account, now this.... dude knock it off.

    I mean seriously the profiles for both posts in this thread are almost identicle, and somehow thats the only person saying "oh thanks i needed to know a port for a trojan cause im a ****in lamer"

    dude please, grow up, im not trying to be mean but **** man, grow your pubes and quit posting about trojans and ****.

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    hmmm...I smell [Ctrl]+[C] --> [Ctrl]+[V]

    - Noia
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    OK im tryin to delete this thread but it wont so plz stop neging me. And i sent msmittens a pm to delete this ok so plz stop neging me.

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    **Thread closed. Targeted for Deletion. Move to General Chit Chat for now**
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